Day Beds

Online Booking Coming Soon!

Please send Eric a text or give him a call at 404 403 1262 To make a reservation while we work on getting online booking up and running. Thank you for your interest in staying with us at our Crash Pad in Atlanta GA!

Day-Beds are a great solution for our Friends who are on Continuous Duty Overnights, Stand Up Overnights, Naps, and High Speeds (depending on what your company calls them!)

Day-Bed cost: $50 per day.

Day-Beds are reserved from 8am-7pm. You’re welcome to show up anytime during that span of hours and use the bed – or not. If you just want a place to sit on the couch, get a shower, watch a game – no worries. The bed will be reserved for you whether you decide to use it or not.

If you are a new customer, you will be contacted with the Rules and Regs of the pad (all pretty standard stuff.) After you agree to them – your reservation will be confirmed, and you’ll be given key codes to the pad.

  • Comfortable Atlanta Crash Pad
  • Shared Occupancy Room
  • private bed in shared Atlanta Crash pad room for pilots and crew
  • Spacious shared occupany room in Atlanta crash pad
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Please Notice!!!

This Atlanta crash pad is a male-only crash pad. Sorry ladies!

Having Trouble?

If you encounter an issue with our booking software, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or leave a reply below. Be sure to include the dates you are interested in reserving so that we can get you on the calendar!

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