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If you are looking for an Atlanta crash pad that boasts the comforts of home, but the flexibility of a hotel - you've come to the right place.

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We're the only Atlanta crash pad that we know of offering hybrid pricing. You can choose to stay for just one night (or day) at low cost, or stay all month. Comfort of a crash pad, flexibility of a hotel.

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Our crash pad is fully equipped with all the comforts of home. Learn about what we have to offer, and what there is to do in the surrounding area of College Park.

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An Atlanta Crash Pad Made By Crew, For Crew

My Friends Crash @ ATL was founded by Senior Captain Tony Greenan. With more than three decades of industry experience under his belt, he knows what he likes in a crash pad. Some of the things he looks for are flexibility, inexpensive pricing, and the comforts of home. After getting based in Atlanta, he decided to create a crash pad which offered just that to his friends and co-workers. Since then, his circle of "Friends" has come to include Pilots and crew from many airlines.

While lots of other crash pads in Atlanta may offer Wi-Fi, comfortable bed sheets, and a convenient location, the last time we checked - we’re the only ones who don’t tie you down with a month long contract. With us, you can choose to stay for just one day or night, or you can stay all month. You only pay for what you need, and we’ll never charge your more than any other Atlanta crash pad. So come stay with us and be Friends of My Friends Crash @ ATL!